The VAST project aims to enhance the cultural and exhibition offer of the museums located in the "Altopiani" area merging the technical knowledge developed by FBK (3DOM unit) and the humanistic and historical knowledge of the other partners involved in the project.

The area of interest includes primarily the plateaus and highlands, known in Italian as “Altopiani”, of LusernLavarone and Folgaria (Trentino province, Italy) that were severely involved and affected by the hostilities of the First World War.

The project, multi-cultural and interdisciplinary, will produce products (3D models, panoramic images, communication material, maps, GIS analyses, etc.) in order to enhance the cultural offer and the interest for the highlands area. The research activities of the project will involve the historical, cartographic, photographic and geomatics fields. VAST will try to touch both the young and the most elderly people with innovative digital, multimedia and 3D products useful to valorize the territory and the heritage inherit after the First World War' period.


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The main objectives of VAST are to:

  1. integrate interdisciplinary skills and cultural entities present on the territory
  2. apply ICT technologies to humanistic cultural fields
  3. enhance the history and territory of Trentino region developing new products (information panels, smartphone apps, etc.) to make them available and accessible to a wide public.


The innovative aspects of VAST consist in the use and processing of historical and current multi-disciplinary data (e.g., maps, LiDAR, RADAR, photos, orthoimages, text documents, etc.), both 2D and 3D, in order to integrate them to produce innovative documents and materials. The project deliverables will be used both to enrich the current cultural heritage of the local museums but also to realize innovative studies, such as multi-temporal analysis of territorial and environmental changes, hypothesis verification of historical events, etc.

Great emphasis will be given to the valorisation of the local forts, theatre of the battles of the First World War along the border between Italians and Austro-Hungarians.